Why do we insist on one-to-one eyelash grafting?

false eyelashes:(1)The normal grafted eyelashes are not allowed to graft multiple false eyelashes with one true eyelashes.

If several false eyelashes are grafted on one true eyelash, the true eyelashes will fall off because of excessive burden.

If multiple false eyelashes stick to the real eyelashes at the same time (because each eyelashes have different growth cycle and fall off cycle), one of them will fall off, which will affect the other true eyelashes sticking together, and will entangle and fall off or even break.

(2) Grafting eyelashes must be 1.5mm away from the skin root. Because the eye pore is flexible, close the eye pore and extend, open the eyes when the pore will shrink, 1.5mm away from grafting, will not touch the skin, reduce irritation.

If grafted at the root of the eyelashes, the false eyelashes will stab the upper eyelid after opening the eyes. An average person blinks more than 10,000 times a day, an average of 15 times a minute. The false eyelashes repeatedly rub the upper eyelids and hair follicles mouth, which will cause contact dermatitis for a long time.



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