Choose your own false eyelashes

false eyelashes:Before learning how to apply false eyelashes, you should first choose a suitable false eyelashes. If it is worn on general occasions, choose a natural false eyelashes. Generally speaking, the use of Japanese false eyelashes is more appropriate. If you want to create a thick curling effect, you can try the Euro-American false eyelashes, such exaggerated false eyelashes are generally suitable for use in theme parties or dinners.

Recommended false eyelashes now let Caida people introduce to you MM several worthy false eyelashes! First of all, of course, the fake eyelashes of Yamura Show. There are 14 standard items for daily use, 14 partial decoration items, 2 luxury styles tailored for dances, and up to 15 artistic items full of aesthetic feeling, which can fully meet the different requirements of all women. At the same time, MAC thick false eyelashes 43 #, SEPHORA Sephora false eyelashes, ASTRAEA V. Eyelash new false eyelashes No. 1 are good choices! The above practical knowledge of false eyelashes, you all remember MM? Choose a suitable false eyelashes and make yourself the most Bling Bling eyelash girl!



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