You have to know a little bit about beauty!

Beautiful eyelash knowledge:

Choose the best eyelash products
1. First of all, we should choose the products that are suitable for our skin color, temperament, facial contour and double-eyelid shape according to the advice of the eyelash maker.
2. Choose fine or thick eyelash materials according to the thickness and sparseness of eyelashes.
3. Check whether your eyelashes are healthy or not, and choose the roots of eyelashes grafting according to the situation.

Beauty eyelash technology is the key

Choose professional stores, employees through systematic training and grading, to make the eyelash safety and comfort can be guaranteed.
Comfort and beauty are the key points

1. Beautiful eyelashes are perfect no matter how far you look or how close you look. They have clear roots and can't see the traces of grafting. They can be achieved to the extent of falsehood and authenticity.
2, after the eyelash, do not use mascara, draw eyeliner, etc., so that big eyes become more God, small eyes bigger, so that your eyes are more vivid.



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