Common knowledge of grafting eyelashes

eyelashes:First of all, the grafted eyelashes are classified from the material, which are generally divided into synthetic eyelashes, silk fibrous eyelashes, mink hair and natural hair. Artificial synthetic eyelashes have the advantages of low price, various styles and individual colors to choose from. At the same time, its shortcomings are:

The material is hard, heavy and easy to crush eyelashes. Secondly, the weight of silk fibroin eyelashes is the lightest of the three, which is not easy to collapse eyelashes, and has a certain shape and curl. At the same time, his disadvantage is that he has fewer styles. Then mink hair. This kind of false eyelashes has the advantage of close to human hair, soft and natural hair, and good gloss. At the same time, it has the disadvantage that, like human hair, curl tends to decrease when exposed to water, and there is no choice of thickness.



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